Playboy Really Nailed It This Time

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Article link from Fishwrapper can be found here.

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Hey, guys, come quick, because Playboy’s newest model, Dominique Jane Sharpe, is going to blow your whole entire mind. Not with her body — although Miss August is of course pretty bangin’ — but with her words. Dominique wrote an article all about herself and her choice to pose for Playboy, and you are just going to love it.

As Dominique tells it, she never would have pictured herself posing for Playboy because of the way she looks. She’s gorgeous, obviously, but she has natural B cup breasts and she doesn’t have a lot going on in the ass department, and both of those things don’t really fit in with the idea of a typical Playboy centerfold. She’s quick to point out that she’s “not asking for sympathy” because “society has hardly regarded me as an ugly ducking,” but goes on to say this:

Women who look like me historically haven’t been the ones hired for nude “sex symbol” shoots like in Playboy. The standard of that brand of beauty for as long as I can remember never looked like me—or like 99 percent of my friends. Sadly, I think that’s why so many young women over the last couple decades have resorted to surgery in an effort to attain a look that just isn’t very realistic. The media sends a message to women (even in a subconscious way) when it holds up a certain look as beautiful or sexy. It messes with your mind, big time. I don’t judge poorly on people who get implants. If that makes you feel more beautiful, more power to you. Some women look great. But that has never been me.

She also writes that even though she’s been modeling professionally for years now she’s never considered posing nude because she was “insecure.” But now:

I have found that a lot of young women feel similarly insecure about their bodies. They think they are too skinny, too fat, too pale, too flat, too whatever. And that’s such a shame. We should celebrate our bodies, no matter what “type” they fit into. I feel very strongly about this, because I have lived this fight. That’s why when earlier this year the people at Playboy asked my agent if I would accept their offer to be Miss August I had very little hesitation before saying yes. My only condition was that I would do it entirely natural. There would be no plumping, no injecting, no augmenting, no altering myself. I wouldn’t even dye my hair. Speaking of hair, I also made the decision to not go totally bare “down there.” I wanted to look natural, to be myself. And if that meant bucking the 100-percent waxed trend, then so be it!

Oh, Dominique, where have you been all our lives?! You’re the hero we need AND the hero we deserve, and we’re so, so glad to have you.

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